Jane Case-Smith Symposium

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     George Roundtable IEP section 7.docx


     Session 9 Inclusion activities.pdf


Keynote Address: Creating OT Change Leaders in School Practice: Knowledge Translation, Implementation and Innovation
Session 1 Pre-Writing Skills as Literacy Activities: 
Session 1 Wright_PreWriting Skills As Literacy Activities.pdf

Session 3 Utilizing Sensory Processing Theory and Strategies in Trauma Informed Care: 
Session 3 SI TIC for JCS_Final (1).pdf

Session 4 MSP Survey (Download 3 documents): 
Session 4-1 George_5160-1-01 ODM MEDICAL NECESSITY.pdf
Session 4-2 George_OOTA MSP Powerpoint HANDOUT.pdf  
Session 4-3 George_OOTA MSP Survey results.pdf

Session 5 EBP and Ethics:
Session 5 EBP Ethics.pdf

Session 6 Working with the Young Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder: 
Session 6 Baldino EI Autism.pdf

Session 7 Transition to Post-Secondary Employment in Young Adults with ASD: 
Session 7 Persch_ASD Transition.pdf

Session 8 Consultation: Weaving OT into the Fabric of your School:
Session 8 Bach_Weaving OT Into the Fabric of Your School PDF.pdf

Session 9 Therapy's Role in Para Adapted Sports: 
Session 9 Stahr_Adapted Sports Final.pdf