Annual Call for Papers

OOTA Annual Conference ~ October 11-12, 2024

We are thrilled to invite you to be part of the OOTA Annual Conference in Columbus, Ohio, where we will embark on a transformative journey at the intersection of occupational therapy and community building under the theme: Connecting For Change: Building Community Through Occupational Therapy. Join us in embracing the power of collaboration, community engagement, and interdisciplinary connections to shape the future of occupational therapy practice. Let's bridge gaps and forge connections for the betterment of communities together!

We are currently accepting proposals for the following types of presentations:

  1. Panel Discussions (60 minutes): Engage in in-depth discussions on critical topics in occupational therapy, exploring how we can connect for change and build stronger communities. The proposal should include the names of all panel members and the focus of the discussion.
  2. Hot Topics/Small Group Discussions (15-minute presentation + 15-minute discussion): Present a concise 15-minute overview of your topic, then lead a 15-minute discussion on the topic. 
  3. Traditional One-Hour Short Courses: Lead a one-hour short course delving into the theme, providing in-depth knowledge on specific aspects of occupational therapy.
  4. Pre-conference Workshops (3 hours): Dive deep into a subject matter of your expertise under the theme, exploring how occupational therapy can bring about transformative change in communities.
  5. Virtual Posters: Showcase your research, projects, or innovations through virtual poster presentations, emphasizing the theme and its impact on the occupational therapy community.

Proposals to be submitted by May 15, 2024

Submission Guidelines:
  • Indicate the type of presentation (Panel Discussion, Small Group Discussion, Short Course, Pre-conference Workshop, Virtual Poster).
  • Include the title of the presentation 
  • Include statements on how your proposal supports the conference theme and contributes to the field of occupational therapy.
  • Include a brief abstract (maximum 250 words) summarizing the content of your presentation in the context of the conference theme.
  • Include a minimum of two objectives 
  • Upload an up-to-date resume/CV
  • Upload references 

Proposals will be rated based on the following criteria.

  1. Relevance to OT Practice

    1. Proposal aligns with the scope of OT practice and addresses current and relevant topics.

  2. Relevance to conference theme

    1. Proposal aligns with the 2024 conference theme Connecting For Change: Building Community Through Occupational Therapy

  3. Supported by Evidence 

    1. Proposal demonstrates a strong foundation in evidence-based practice, with a clear integration of research and relevant literature.

  4. Innovative Practice

    1. Proposal showcases innovative approaches, interventions, or ideas that push the boundaries of OT practice and offer new perspectives.

  5. Clarity and Coherence 

    1. Proposal is well-organized, coherent, and clearly communicates the objectives, methodology, and anticipated outcomes.

  6. Methodological Rigor and Content Expertise

    1. Proposal demonstrates a strong research design, methodology, or theoretical framework that ensures rigor and reliability in the study or theoretical exploration.

    2. The proposal exhibits a deep understanding and expertise in the content area, showcasing the author's knowledge and ability to critically analyze and synthesize relevant theories, concepts, or models.

  7. Practical Applicability

    1. Proposal offers practical applications or implications for OT practitioners, demonstrating how the findings can be translated into practice.

  8. Engagement and Interactive Presentation

    1. Proposal outlines interactive elements (e.g., case studies, activities, group discussions) that will actively engage the audience during the presentation.

    2. Interactive elements align with the type of presentation. 

Contact [email protected] with questions. 



A Note about 2024 Conference Dates and Yom Kippur 

We wanted to take a moment to address concerns brought by several members regarding the dates of the 2024 conference falling during Yom Kippur. This was an unintentional oversight on the part of the conference planning committee and was due in part to a very limited number of weekends being available at the time in which we began our search for this year's venue. 

When the overlap in dates was brought to our attention, we contacted the hotel to see if there was a possibility of moving our conference dates, but other events prevented a move to a date that was not more than a month away from our original plans. As such, we made the decision to move forward with the current dates, with the assurance to all members that future conference planning will include careful consideration of holidays to every extent possible.

We know that collaboration and diversity are cornerstones of our profession and our association, and we continue to learn from our mistakes and work to be better.


OOTA Executive Board & Conference Planning Committee